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Hello and Welcome to Everyday Inspiration

I Invite you to Feel Fully Alive and Vibrantly Energised Again

Are you looking to make a small change to the world you live in and feel that fun, optimistic, confident, healthy part of you that’s been hiding for a little while now (or way too long) re-emerge?

Maybe you spent the first 20 years wondering what you were going to do with your life and now you’re spending time, wondering where the time went and how to slow it down a wee little so you can create the amazing life you once planned for yourself.

Why Does it Seem to Get Harder as you Get Older and Not Easier?

Many people live their life on autopilot and over the years this causes a build up of mounting stresses not being dealt with. It can be like a dam building up water, and we all know what happens when the water gets too high.

I’m Larissa Halls and my focus is all about offering stress less strategies so you can awaken your own healing, creative and emotional genius. Why? So you can enjoy great love, health and adventure in your life.

My love for how to create transformational personal change and practicing meditation blossomed after they became key ingredients to accelerating the healing process of my own mind and body after having a life saving 8 hour operation in 2003.

I love sharing the wisdom of my learnings with the world in order to teach others, including you the important lessons of self care, self connection and managing stress before it turns to burnout, addiction or illness. Nothing excites me more than being a part of really creating huge transformational shifts in my clients lives so they can fully love their life. I’ve been doing this for over a decade now and I love it.

My Face to Face (real flesh & blood standing in front of each other) Offerings Include:

  • One on One Life and Emotional Wellness Coaching Consults
  • Weekly Yoga Classes
  • Monthly Meditation Circle Gathering
  • One on one Yoga and Personalised Meditation
  • Quarterly Workshops and Retreats

My Online Offerings Include:

  • One on One Coaching Via Skype Consult
  • One on One Personalised Meditations
  • Meditation Albums for you download to enjoy
  • Plenty of free videos and content

Growing up people used to say they felt that I was an old old soul. I took that old soul and immersed her with the new one and that’s how I ended up sharing ancient wisdom with a modern twist. I love it and I’m captivated by helping people like you learn to slow down a little, re-connect, get more energy, develop the life you crave, heal your mind and body, stop beating yourself up over things that happened a decade ago and quite simply enjoy the spec of earth you live on before it all goes back in the box.

I invite you to kick off your shoes, sit back and take a peek around my website. As Lao Tzu says (did I mention I studied the Tao Te Ching for 3 years):

“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading”

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Need a Break without the KitKat? Get your Free Mini Meditations Here Now

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