Finding direction and solace in your every day life to heal, love and cherish all that’s already within you.



Where we help you to create strategies to greater health and life fulfilment by awakening you to the honouring of all parts of yourself – Mind, Body and Soul.

Where we tame that crazy go getter part of you that overcommits, gets overwhelmed and feels over worked.

Where we help to make this trip you call life so much more enjoyable by doing what you love.

Where we open your heart to building stronger relationships with yourself and others.


Yoga is definitely not the new kid on the block, with the development being traced back to over 5000 years ago. In this day and age where it can feel like your body is screaming from below “hey you up there, I need some assistance down here” but the thought of having to do 200 burpees at the local Bootcamp leaves you curled up on the couch with the Netflix Remote, this ancient practice could be your proverbial life raft. Wether you’re looking for a class that has a lot of action, seeking stillness to unplug your overactive overwhelmed mind or a more therapeutic class, we’ve got you covered. We offer 3 styles of yoga to suite your current situation:

  • Yoga Flow

  • Restorative Yoga

  • Yoga for Back Health

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Meditation is like hitting the reset button on your computer when the whole thing gets clogged up, goes into a frenzy and starts flashing warning signals. “Ahhhh, thats better”! Starting it back up feels almost cathartic. Meditation is not something that only guru’s on mountain tops do. It’s a simple practice even the most nut brained, wired, over excited, over tired and overwhelmed over achiever can find solace in and now with science proving that many of it’s health benefits are indeedly true, it’s growing like Sydney house prices. Come and join us and see for yourself. Our meditation style is:

  • Easy to learn

  • Can enhance your health and wellness

  • Settles even the most agitated of minds

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Life Coaching

It’s so easy to feel helpless and hopeless when you can’t seem to gain traction in life or businesses.  Honestly, some people spend their lives treading water, going through the motions, living mediocre, giving up, accepting that ground hog day feeling just to wind up old with hair growing where it really shouldn’t. I ask WHY?? Nothing great happens on autopilot! Life coaching is a refreshing way to let go of that old mounting baggage from the past, learn more about building confidence and gaining traction in your life, stop worrying about making the “right” choice and taking powerful action  to steer your life back on to the unique and winding track that is solely yours.

  • Face to Face or Skype Consults available

  • Short our long term coaching choices

  • Coaching is like product development, with your being the product

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Larissa helped me build my self confidence which has not only helped me in my professional life but my personal life as well.

JENNA KENNEDY, Coaching Client
Larissa seems to have this incredible ability to ask the right questions to uncover things that are lying just below the surface. The things that you don’t really look at, but are impacting your thoughts, feelings and outcomes.
The tools she has given me have truly transformed my life, my way of thinking and what I feel is possible of creating in my business and life.
KELLIE O'BRIEN, Coaching Client

I feel calmer, less stressed and happier. I feel better within myself and my back pain has improved to no end.


I’ve been practicing Yoga with Larissa for over 2 years now and I find the little things in life aren’t bothering me anymore. I feel more relaxed, more self confidence and physically and mentally stronger.

BELINDA B., Yoga Client

Larissa makes you feel so comfortable and safe. I really didn’t think I’d be able to follow direction during meditation as I’m so stressed but because I felt so safe and relaxed in her presence I could totally let go.

JENN LOCK, Meditation & Yoga Client

I’ve been really struggling to meditate but the breathing exercises Larissa teaches us make it easy to feel calm and centre yourself. Meditation is so much more achievable now. The quality of the work Larissa shares with us is impeccable.

RACHAEL, Meditation Client