Heart Centred Self Connection Exercise

Tiny Tip of the Week: Heart Centred Self Connection Exercise

So you have dreams, a purpose maybe even a mission in your life BUT…..

Sometimes do you get pulled in so many directions you don’t know whether you’re Arthur or Marthur!

This weeks tip is a beautiful self connection exercise. Give it a go!

Please excuse the random image Youtube generated for the start of this video.

If you enjoyed learning this, then don’t be a stranger. Every week I share one of these bad boys (movies) to help you live more abundantly in mind and body, releasing stress, so you can get on with what you most love in life.

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From my heart to yours



About the Author:

Larissa Halls is the straight up, down to earth, at times grotesquely funny founder of Everyday Inspiration Mind Body Holistic Wellness. Larissa has a unique combination of skills which allows her to embody all aspects of the self (Mind - Body - Soul). She is a sought after Life and Mindset Coach, Yoga and Meditation teacher and is currently studying the mind body holistic therapy of Kinesiology.   She helps people sort through the overwhelm piling up in their mind and body to allow them to feel clear, confident and living a purposeful life.