Podcast: Are your Goals Right for You

Angela Raspass is an extraordinary woman with an even more extraordinary story. She works with female entrepreneurs with a unique blend of marketing and mindset support to help women in their 40’s and beyond flourish in a “Your Next Chapter”® business.

I’ve been working with Angela as her Mindset Coach for many years now and I absolutely love what she offers the world. When she called me up to ask if I would be a monthly guest on her podcast I had no hesitation in replying a boldly load absofrigganlutely.

This month’s podcast is all about wether you have set the right goals for yourself. We chat unapologetically about life, goals, success and failure.

Key points from this episode

  • Don’t adopt someone else’s definition of success when you are developing your goals because…
  • The right goals for you are personal and connected to your values, but you are not the sum of your goal achievement!
  • We set goals to move towards pleasure or away from pain
  • It’s important to know that goals hold challenge within – when you are prepared for that fact, you are less likely to “fall at the first hurdle”
  • Sometimes letting go of a goal is completion
  • It’s necessary to decide what you will let go of to create the time and space for the focus a goal requires
  • Internal inspiration trumps external validation
  • Trust your body barometer



About the Author:

Larissa Halls is the straight up, down to earth, at times grotesquely funny founder of Everyday Inspiration Mind Body Holistic Wellness. Larissa has a unique combination of skills which allows her to embody all aspects of the self (Mind - Body - Soul). She is a sought after Life and Mindset Coach, Yoga and Meditation teacher and is currently studying the mind body holistic therapy of Kinesiology.   She helps people sort through the overwhelm piling up in their mind and body to allow them to feel clear, confident and living a purposeful life.