The Deep Rest Retreat



Relax and Unwind at The Deep Rest Afternoon Retreat

Are you always in demand, either at home or work and feel like you just need some quiet and nurturing time and space for yourself to feel at peace?

About The Retreat

Calm your busy mind and allow peace and relaxation to flow into your body. Come up for air from your busy life.

Enjoy the afternoon simply focusing on yourself and being in the present moment. No one else's needs to worry about except your own inner healing and reconnecting to your hearts yearning for attention.

This retreat will give you the opportunity to release the layers of stress that have built up around your mind and in your body so you can think clearer and approach your life in a more calm and measured manner. 

What you will enjoy

A warm and nurturing environment to feel safe and relaxed.
Calming & Grounding breathing techniques. Soft aromatherapy to bring peace to the mind
Supportive, gentle yoga to release tension from the body and a progressive body relaxation
Cultivating inner peace meditation  

Before you get busy again book now

Make a date with yourself to relax and unwind and enjoy some deep rest

dates and details

Where and When

Date: Sunday 22nd March 2020

Time: 12:30pm - 4:30pm

Cost: $65

Where: The Everyday Inspiration Studio 276 Red Gum Rd New Beith QLD (8 minutes from pub Lane Woolworths)

The Benefits

Balance your nervous system and reduce stress hormones in your body so you can sleep better and think clearer.
Oxygenate the body to increase immunity, and cell regeneration.
Release tension from your physical body to reduce stiffness and pain  
Calm your mind so you can feel less scattered and more focused on what's important in your life 

Your Retreat Instructor Larissa Halls

I absolutely love to help women restore peace to their minds and heart.

Hi I'm Larissa. Creating these retreats and seeing how relaxed all the women are at the end makes my heart sing. We give so much of ourselves to others yet we forget to fill up our own inner cup. I know that most women yearn to have some time for themselves to fully and completely relax. It's so important for our own health and wellbeing and to be the best Mum, Wife, Partner, friend and work colleague. I am a Yoga and Meditation teacher, Life Coach and Kinesiologist. You are in great hands. These Retreats always fully book up so be quick.

Before you get busy again book now

Make a date with yourself to relax and unwind and enjoy some deep rest

Our Past Retreat Participants Deeply Relaxed

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