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Work on a having a breakthrough, gain personal insights on a problem, resolve resentment, make a powerful decision or move closer to living with purpose. 

Register for the Everyday Inspiration Coaching Spotlight and have a free one hour coaching consult on zoom with Larissa.

There is a Catch:

This session will be recorded and shared on my blog. and podcast. Why? By listening to someone move through a problem, resolve a blocked emotion or gain clarity on their vision or actions, it helps others reflect and gain understanding and insight into their own problems or receive insights about their way forward. The ripple effect spreads far and wide. 


Everyday INspiration Coaching Spotlight

What to expect

Fill out the application form and I will choose a random person to contact. I will register and schedule your consult. You will receive a zoom link in your inbox to jump on the call.

You must be willing to have your video on, and be recorded for the duration of the consult. You must be willing to share openly and honestly with the intention of resolving or dissolving the issue or block and be ok with others learning and growing from your contribution. 

What is coaching?

Purposeful Conversation

Coaching is all about having a purposeful conversation with the intention of bringing clarity, relief or Insight to a situation (wether internal or external).

Product Development

It's all about product development and YOU my friend are the product. We can work out where you're stuck, why you keep sabotaging your goals or which direction to move in your life or business.


Coaching can help your gain confidence, self worth or activate the seeds of potential that are within you

I have been helping women create healing change  for over a decade...

Larissa is the owner of Everyday Inspiration Coaching, Kinesiology, Meditation and Yoga and brings in well over 15 years experience in helping people:

✔️Get out of the destructive rut of living on autopilot

✔️Calm their overthinking mind

✔️Clear the sub-conscious blocks holding them back to

✔️Create Healing Change 

Larissa has a unique combination of skills which allows her to embody all aspects of the self (Mind - Body - Soul). 

She is passionate about teaching others the interwoven connection between their thoughts and perceptions, actions, mindset, hidden sub - conscious agendas, the bodies feedback mechanism (their physiology) and the results they see in their lives. 

This enables her clients to better manage their emotions, gain an awareness of the gifts and talents they bring to the world whilst uncovering the limitless potential they have to create their life's vision and most fulfilling life.

Larissa Halls 

Life Coach, Kinesiologist, Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Larissa has helped me to overcome fear, let go of misbeliefs, recognise my personal power, own and value my traits, identify and reduce my triggers, reframe “failures”, be kinder to myself, turn the volume down on my Comparison Queen, realign my business with my values and so much more…
There is deep practical magic in what she does – she has an intuitive knack of tapping into exactly what I most need to look at, uncover and explore every time we meet. It’s not always comfortable to delve into the territory of personal growth, but it’s always worthwhile. I leave each session with a breakthrough in understanding, confidence, clarity, calm and resolve.
She is my secret weapon in business and life and I highly encourage you get her on your support team today!

Angela Raspass

Business mentor, self worth educator and author

It's never too late to make the changes you need to Live Your Life with Meaning & Purpose


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