Allow Healing Sound Waves to Wash through your Being, Moving you to Greater Depths of Mind Body Relaxation and Wellbeing

Our Sound Healing will bring you back to a sense of peace and harmony 

A sound healing synchronises brain waves to achieve Profoundly deep states of relaxation, helping to restore the normal frequencies of the cells in our bodies.

You're invited to join our next Sound Bath Meditation and Deep Rest Morning:

 When: Sunday 23rd October

Time: 9:30am - 12pm

Where: Our Studio at 276 Red Gum Road New Beith QLD 

Cost: $55

Sound Therapy is a beautiful way to evoke the feelings of deep relaxation and is particularly beneficial for those who find it hard to meditate or relax due to having an extremely busy mind. 

Sound Healing can clear energy blockages, leaving you feeling calm yet energised.

Why Sound Healing?

Sound can be used to rebalance the nervous system, boost the immune system, reduce inflammation and balance the left and right sides of the brain inducing a state of calm.

Sound healing works primarily through the principles of entrainment and resonate frequency, similarly in the way that the pendulums on two separate grandfather clocks in the same room will eventually start swinging at the same tempo or frequency.

Every part of ourselves has frequency, otherwise called vibration. Sound healing can bring 'out of frequency' dissonant frequencies or vibrations back into harmony, triggering the bodies natural healing mechanisms.  

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibration. 

Nikola Tesla

Your Host Larissa Halls

Although I have taught yoga and meditation for over a decade, in my formative years I was immersed in the musical arts. My teachers and family expected me to move into a career in the music or performing arts sector after having played piano, flute and saxophone for my entire young adult life.

It's funny how things come full circle and the call back to music led me to study sound healing. I love integrating sound and meditation for the effects it has on brainwave activity and the human biofield (also known as the subtle energy body, aura or electrical field). 

I look forward to sharing the magical experience of this Sound Bath Meditation and Relaxation with you.

Larissa xx

Kinesiologist, Life Coach, Yoga and Meditation Teacher

What to Expect

Arrive ready to be transported into the realms of deep rest

Introduction to the ancient healing tool of Mantra Meditation
Lie down and relax into the comfort of your surrounds, enjoying a progressive body relaxation with breath work release
Feel the instant calming effects of the Native American Flute 
Allow yourself to sink deeper and deeper, connecting to the pure energy of your heart while feeling the transcendental sounds of the crystal singing bowls, thunder drum and rain stick wash over you.
Enjoy the feeling of a shift in consciousness from the lower busy mind to higher mind awareness. 
Enjoy a light snack chai or herbal tea

We will supply the bolsters, blankets and props to allow you to feel completely supported, safe and relaxed. 

Please park on the street and leave your shoes at the door. You can bring your favourite wooly socks to keep your feet warm. 

Spaces are limited, book early to avoid the disappointment of missing out

The universe doesn't speak English. It speaks in frequency. Sound is Frequency and Vibration.

Our Past Events were Popular

What our past Participants Say

I loved being a part of this. It felt like the most beautiful and safe space to let go and relax. 


I feel calm, energised and balanced. I feel more aware of what it means to appreciate and be grateful of myself and family.


3 words to describe my experience:

Relaxed. Refreshed, Awakened


I really loved the sounds of the bowls with the guided meditation. I need more of those in my life.


Sound healing can help you: 

Bring balance to your nervous system (relieve stress and feel calm)
Feel more grounded 
Reduce muscular tension
Reduce pain
Reduce anxiety 
Increase energy and vitality


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