Arrive with Stress - Leave Completely Refreshed

If you feel Sluggish after Winter, bloated, brain fogged from the hectic stuck on the Hamster wheel schedule, our Spring 1 day Retreat is Designed to re-vitalise and open you up to a new way of thinking and feeling

On this transformative day you will feel like you've been transported to a deep restful place of healing and gratitude. You can expect: 

A Grounding Welcoming Ritual

Healing Breathwork Experience with our Guest Facilitator 

Gentle Chakra Balancing Yoga Practice

 A light lunch while laughing and connecting

Powerful Self Love Life Coaching Ritual

Restorative Yoga

Sound Healing

Guided Deep Relaxation Ritual


Your host Larissa Halls has been opening space for women to gather, connect and release what is holding them back for over a decade.  

She has facilitated mind body healing, personal growth and bought a sense of  great relief to the hearts and minds of many women. 

She's opening her home studio which her clients sometimes call 'The Nest' for a small group of women to gather to honour themselves and their tireless contribution to their families, communities and workplaces. 

Her past 3 events have completely booked out so to avoid disappointment consider asking a friend to join you and book today. 

Details below:

All the Details:

WHEN: Saturday 27th August 2022

WHERE:  The Everyday Inspiration Residential Studio 276 - 278 Red Gum Road New Beith (6 mins from Greenbank Woolworths on Pub Lane)

TIME: 10am - 4pm

COST: Early Bird $155 (must book by Thursday 18th Aug) Normal Price $175

LUNCH: Lunch is included. Please notify Larissa of any dietary Requirements before 22nd August

BOOKING CONDITIONS: Your booking will secure your spot. Refund requests in writing will be accepted outside 48hrs of the event minus a 10% booking charge. No refunds within 48 Hours of the event. 

Breathwork Guest Facilitator Nancy Koene

Nancy has always had an extreme passion for natural health and wellbeing. She's one of those people that after you meet you say "what a beautiful soul".

After a powerful breathwork experience 11 years ago, Nancy naturally turned to using breath work techniques to alleviate her anxiety struggles during a traumatic marriage breakdown.

She was astounded by how these techniques were able to help release negative emotional energy and was able to bridge a deep physical and spiritual connection through breathing consciously.

Nancy has 2 breathwork certifications with 'In Spirit Breathwork' and with 'Breathe' with Jon Paul Crimi Holotropic Breathwork. 

Every woman needs a day away, where all her energy serving others is rekindled within her soul. Where her half empty cup is refilled and where she can reconnect to the whispers of her true hearts calling to guide the way forward.

Larissa Halls

Your Host Larissa Halls

It's so nice to meet you. My Marie Condo super power isn't decluttering your linen cupboard or wardrobe, It's helping you declutter your mind and 'back catalogue' of stored unresolved emotions that are draining your life energy (sucking the joy out of life) and perhaps even contributing to your stress, anxiety or illness.

I've been helping people for over 15 years have inner awakenings and 'ah ha' moments through my work as a Kinesiologist, Intuitive Life Coach, Yoga and Meditation teacher.

I love running these small group, 1 day retreats as it helps women feel safe, comfortable and nurtured. We all can't go away for luxurious thousand dollar retreats to the Maldives or Byron Bay. 

This is the next best thing

Larissa xx

Kinesiologist, Life Coach, Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Your Questions Answered

Doors will open at 9:45 am for a 10:30 start

Park on the street and walk up to the studio doors
Bring along some comfy socks and a water bottle
No experience in yoga, meditation or breathwork necessary
Wear comfy clothes that are easy to move in
The yoga is gentle so we won't sweat
Cold water, tea and Kombucha is available with lunch. Bring your own drink if you'd like something else.
A health screen questionnaire is compulsory plus agreement to the terms and conditions upon booking

We will supply the bolsters, blankets and props to allow you to feel completely supported, safe and relaxed. 

Spaces are limited, book early to avoid the disappointment of missing out

Our Health is what we make of it -Give it attention and it improves, give it none and it subsides.

Dr John F Demartini


After todays retreat I now know what it feels like to be deeply relaxed and what it means to  be grateful. I now fully appreciate myself, my family and respect time.



I really love meeting and being with open like-minded women. I really loved that I was getting back in touch with my feeling my body. At the end of the day I felt more playful after releasing the need to control



This was day was amazing. I felt so nurtured which never happens at home.  My favourite part was the restorative yoga but I really gained some deep understandings of myself doing the life coaching exercise. Thanks

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Relax and completely let go: 

Bring balance to your nervous system (relieve stress and feel calm)
Feel more grounded 
Reduce muscular tension
Reduce pain
Reduce anxiety 
Increase energy and vitality

Photo's from Past Events


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