Why are you so hard on yourself? Lets face it, YOU’RE the one usually MOST hardest on yourself. Why?  Self Support is one of your greatest cheerleaders in creating the life, business, or feelings of fulfilment you crave . One of my amazing coaching clients has an abundantly popular podcast show. Each month I get invited to be a guest to have a fun and exciting chat on a topic that we feel people most need to hear.
This months chat is all about self support.

Key points from this episode

  • Self-advocacy is essential for creating a platform for growth
  • Be aware about your self talk, accept it, create motivation for change and replace your thoughts or behaviours with more empowering behaviours.
  • Avoid the “second arrow” – you can experience pain, disappointment, failure but it is the way you then respond to the experience that’s vital. Do you berate and belittle yourself? Do you speak harshly to yourself? That’s the “second arrow” and you avoid this,often deeper wound, if you practice acceptance and self-support.
  • Create visual cues and reminders for yourself
  • Be realistic in your goals to build confidence and efficacy
  • If you’re not enjoying the results you are producing try asking better questions of yourself.
  • Say it, see it, feel it, do it!
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