Your Mind is Your Greatest Ally or Your Worst Enemy. Let’s make it Your Greatest Ally so You Can Live the Life You Love.

WEEKLY PRACTICE: Yoga Classes and Private One on One’s New Beith QLD

If you’re a local, you can come and enjoy my weekly yoga classes, retreat days and more at my relaxing Studio. I make yoga easy, fun and doable for the everyday person looking to move with more ease, relax and de-stress and feel more energised. One on one yoga tuition also available. This is great if you’re new to yoga or have a current injury of chronic condition.


 ONLINE OR FACE TO FACE: Life Coaching and Kinesiology

Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself. Life Coaching can help you facilitate deep personal change. It can help you dissolve what’s holding you back causing struggle in your life, get clear abut what you really want and allow you to create freedom being intentional about designing the life (or business) you love.


 ONLINE OR FACE TO FACE: Life Coaching and Kinesiology

Kinesiology is a non-invasive method, using precision muscle feedback and body awareness that can help you to reduce physical, emotional and mental stress and pain, improve performance at school, work and home, in sports, in relationships, and promotes health and wellbeing.

Kinesiology helps one access the inner knowing and find again the power of choice in one’s life. Kinesiology allows you to take charge of the way you relate to the past, your present circumstances and the future. Healing takes place from within.


Monthly Online Retreat: Sister Circle

The Insightful Soul Sister Circle. Your online retreat to cultivate peacefulness and presence, find answers within and encourage personal growth to enrich your meaningful life. We gather twice a month to help you:

  • Quieten your busy mind and return to a Calming Healing State
  • Cultivate inner wisdom and personal insight and
  • To feel like you’re continually coming home to yourself through the power of community and awakened sisterhood.

If you have any questions or would like to book a one on one consult for Yoga, Coaching or Kinesiology pop over to my contacts page. The best way to contact me is phone, text or through Facebook Messenger.

If you’d like to book a yoga class, this can be done online through my online scheduler. I look forward to chatting soon. Larissa

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Online Courses and Workshops


This easy yet comprehensive program will help you  get you out of autopilot, negative eating patterns and into a routine that gives you more energy, body confidence (weight loss) and the self love you need to be the street smart, saucy, soulful women you came here to be.


 Online Retreat Surrender to the Heart of Stillness

Your Home Retreat Experience will Help Refill your Half-Empty Cup and Restore Balance and Vitality, Improving your Physical, Mental and Emotional Wellbeing. Move your Mind From Stress and Distraction to the Serenity of Deep Healing Relaxation



 Feel Good Habits for Life

Habits bring your dreams to life. Discover step by step how to make the good habits that will bring you the mind, body, business or life you love actually stick for the long term. This course is fun, quick to go through and beyond impactful.



Get yourself out of a rutt and confidently Create the Life you Feel you were Meant to Live without the Overwhelm, Self Doubt or Fear of Change. Know That Your Best Days Are Ahead Of You Not Behind You. Create the ideal lifestyle for you and your family.

This is our signature self coaching online course, full of transformational life coaching recourses that will allow you to uncover the blocks holding you back, your life purpose and give you the know how to move forward fearlessly and bring your goals and life vision to life.




Join our Free Facebook Group The Everyday Inspiration Support Circle

This private group was created to uplift and inspire women to connect to their inner hearts calling, create life balance and to continue to take action on what’s most important and inspiring to them.



With a unique combination of expertise, over 15 years experience and working with some of the greats in the industry such as Human Behavioural Specialist Dr John Demartini, Larissa has helped hundreds if not thousands of busy women find a sense of  purpose, direction and emotional balance to live a life that feels perfectly right for them.

Larissa is a qualified Life Coach, Kinesiologist, Yoga and Meditation teacher giving you a culmination of approaches. She has studied both modern and ancient teachings and philosophies  giving you the tools and strategies to live a life aligned with your head heart and soul.

Larissa knows what it’s like to feel stressed, overwhelmed and living a life not quite right for her. In her early 20’s she owned and ran her first successful business, but faced a major breaking point when it was discovered she had a massive tumour growing in her head. She decided life is too precious to be living in a way that doesn’t nourish all parts of who you are. Learn More


“One day my world turned completely upside down. I needed to start unravelling all of the emotional and mind limiting knots that appeared over time and start working my way back to the truth, my own truth.

The experience working with Larissa on myself, was profound, damn scary and I felt so vulnerable working on my own stuff, but I knew I needed to own it in order to move forward.

Needless to say, thanks to the work, my world today is a very different place now. I owe a lot to Larissa for her gentle guidance and helping me own my stuff and restoring the balance back in my life. I have now written a book and become a mentor myself”

Andrea Palermo, Author

Before I started working with Larissa, I’d only just began delving into the importance of working on your mindset to accelerate business and personal growth. I committed to a year long program with her, enjoying monthly consults.

She seems to have this incredible ability to ask the right questions to uncover things that are lying just below the surface. The things that you don’t really look at, but are impacting your thoughts, feelings and outcomes.
The tools she has given me have truly transformed my life, my way of thinking and what I feel is possible of creating in my business and life.

Kellie O'Brien, Online marketing and Client Pathway Coach

I have always dreamed of starting my own business but I really lacked the confidence.

I was unsure where to start and Larissa helped me beak down the massive idea I had into small manageable steps. She helped me build my self confidence which has not only helped me in my professional life but my personal life as well.

I have now opened my own Physiotherapy Practice and Pilates Studio. She has helped me shape the business to be a success and also to fit in with my lifestyle. I can’t thank Larissa enough for what she has done. If it wasn’t for her coaching I may still be working hard for somebody else.

Jenna Kennedy, Physiotherapist

Whilst experiencing one of Larissa’s guided introspective meditations I had a profound moment. A huge awakening happened. I had smoked most of my life, and in the meditation I was shown what would happen if I continued down the path of smoking and what it would be like if I gave up for good. I gave up and I haven’t smoked since that moment, which has been  over 5 years now. In the meditation I also seen my mother who has passed and I knew this was something she had always wanted to do. It was beautiful and changed my life for the better. Besides enjoying Larissa’s Yoga classes I also started going to gym and am happy to say I’m now in my 50’s and fitter than I’ve ever been.

Robyn Brady, Business Owner