The Easy Body Scan Mindfulness Practice?

At the end of Yoga class the other day we had yet another in-depth discussion about one of life’s perplexing topics. This time it was about the women who are pregnant and at 6, 7, 8 or even 9 months don’t even know it. The question was “Are some people so disconnected from their bodily sensations they don’t even know they are pregnant”. Quite simply my answer was “yes”. Then we referenced every Womans Day article ever read on the subject, telling stories of our cousins ex, the old next door neighbour and every woman we’ve ever heard about not knowing until that bun in the oven is almost cooked!

Many people spend so much time outwardly focused that we barely spend time focusing and honouring the magic and manifestation of the human physical form. Basic changes in health and sensations get overlooked, feelings get brushed under the carpet or the tsunami of thoughts clouding the mind act as a numbing elixir to  actually feeling. Remember that F word “feeling”!!

I am no exception to this. Have a look at my left eye in the picture above. Can you see that it’s a little “fallen” or tired looking compared to the other? When I was 23 I had a massive tumour removed from behind my left eye. The tumour had grown so big in my head that it had pushed my eye downward 6mm, outward and actually disfigured the outer eyebrow edge of my skull. But yet!! I didn’t notice. When I found out after Cat Scans and MRI’s what was going on, I looked at myself and though”holy shit!! how did I not notice this, when I look at this mug every day in the mirror”?

Sometimes small changes become “normal” over time. Sometimes we look but we don’t really see. Sometimes our focus is elsewhere and we miss the big blaring flashing red lights in front of us.

This is why it’s my pleasure to share with you this Body Scan mindfulness practice. It allows you to become present with your body and filling up on the intricate spaces of self. Notice if you have any flashing red lights that need to be taken care of.

Find a quiet place, plug in your ear phones, close your eyes gently and take a journey inwards.

Enjoy xx

My gift to you:

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