I’ve hit the big Time!! I’ve been initiated, my very first Mothers Day! My partner asked me what I wanted, even though he so happily keeps reminding him that I’m not “HIS” mother.

My baby is nearly one so I spend my days, like a member of the coast guard. Always watching, always on high alert ready for “GO TIME”. You just never know when I have to dive onto the floor, putting my body on the line creating some new yoga pose to stop that precious little head from splatting onto the tiles or that glass bottle he just swatted like a fly from shattering into a million pieces. I wasn’t so fast yesterday and had to say goodbye to my wooden lidded glass water bottle.

Babies are as unpredictable as the people of America when electing a president!

Each month that passes, something gets a little easier but something else gets a little more challenging. Kinda like life. What I tell my Kinesiology and Coaching clients when they have an ah-ha moment and learn the lessons life has been trying to awaken them to. I say “congratulations, you’re in the sweet spot, it feels good, now you are going to graduate to the next problem, the next level of life’s dance of support and challenge”.

So when asked what I really want for Mothers day it got me thinking!


We want our children to thank us, express their love and tell us we’re doing a great job. What we’re really asking them is to say all the things we’re not telling ourselves.


Love isn’t a new pair of slippers or the new Kenwood Mix Master, remember they are expressions of love.

Love is a feeling, love is the universe. And that feeling is not one sided nor is the ebb and flow of the universe.

Love isn’t just hugs, kisses and thank you’s. Love includes the groundings, the saying no and the yelling. Love isn’t just cooking dinner  it includes making the kids wash up. Love isn’t just saying Yes, it’s also saying No. Love is encompassing of both sides, the positive and the negative.

So many Mum’s beat themselves up for all the so called “negative” things they’ve done as a Mother. I hear about the big G!! Mothers Guilt. There can be no guilt when you realise Love isn’t one sided. Love is doing what YOU love, Love is setting boundaries and sticking to them, love is sending your kids to child care so you can work and provide for them, love is staying home to look after them. Love is all encompassing and there is nothing BUT Love.

So what do I want for my first Mothers Day!!



And I already got that!!

Larissa xx


Mothers Day Bundle


Deepen your relationship with your loves ones and invoke heart warming conversation. Gather together, laugh, connect, share from the heart and let the essence of love shine through by working through the purposeful questions in this ebook. Mothers want to feel loved and appreciated for all they do.  This beautiful Mothers day bundle inspires both love and connection with family and friends as well as relaxation and self connection when enjoying the meditation.
Great for Mothers to purchase for themselves or children to purchase to gift to their Mothers.

What’s included

  • A beautiful ebook with 40 questions to inspire you to share from the heart and promote meaningful conversation.

  • Meditation for Mothers – The Jewel of the Lotus Mp3 guided meditation

  • Meditation for Mothers – The Jewel of the Lotus Transcript