Life is so much more delicious when we feel focused Calm and present vs anxious, scattered and overwhelmed.

This weeks video is all about how to calm the overwhelm and get organised, focused and feeling really present and on purpose.

Before we start did you know that multitasking can actually lower your IQ and also slow down productivity. Yep!


If you don’t have a clear weekly plan mapped out then you’re wasting a minimum of two hours per week. No, thanks I want my time back!

I’ve got a special bonus for you because my clients love this and so will you.

It the overcoming overwhelm checklist. The last client I gave it to said “Geez, my husband needs this can I have another one”

It’s all your’s, just fill out your details and you’ll get an email with your link to your checklist.

It includes a work sheet and outlines the strategies in black and white (and maybe aqua) for you to follow.

This weeks Video – The 5 Steps to Overcoming Overwhelm

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Here’s a quick recap for you:

Overwhelm is created from overthinking, having to much to do, creating unrealistic expectations and not setting clear goals.

  1. Dump it
  2. Review it and Delegate and Delete
  3. Prioritise and Schedule
  4. Create your daily highest priority action items
  5. Complete each task completely before going on to the next. Complete each task with Focus and Presence.

Here’s a link to the Highest Priority Action Item Daily Visual Planner I use. It’s Like a Daily vision board to help you focus on your goals, get more done and have fun doing it. CLICK HERE

I’ll see you next week

From my heart to yours

Larissa xx

Daily Vision Boards

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