One of my amazing coaching clients has an abundantly popular podcast show. Each month I get invited to be a guest to have a fun and exciting chat on a topic that literally evolves before we start recording. We like to keep ourselves in suspense so even we get inspired by what comes out of our mouths.
This months chat is called “There’s no Timetable to Success”.
There’s so many people that think they should’ve done “insert your biggest regret in life or business here” by now because of the fantasy timetable we create for ourselves. Have a listen and enjoy.


Key points from this episode

  • There is no small window of opportunity for beginning a business – whether you are in your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond, it doesn’t matter when or where you start!
  • Take time to decide what role it will play in your life – is it your primary focus? Is there a definitive financial imperative attached to it? Or does it play more of a role of fulfilment and contribution? How much time are you willing and able to devote to it? Understanding your business’s “reason for being” will have a significant impact on the way you choose to grow it.
  • Understand that overnight successes are rarely actually that – there is always a back story
  • The age of Social Media and the view it provides you of what others are up too in your field has ramped up the possibility of your falling into the Comparison Trap and being dazzled by the Jackpot Effect – step back and take a breathe
  • Create realistic expectations – what’s possible, and desirable for you, at this stage of your life? Are you aligned with your own values or are you “shoulding” over yourself?
  • You may see someone else’s external “success” and think it’s what you want… but if you dig a little deeper and get honest, it might not be for you at all.
  • High achievement and success in one area of life means there must be a compromise another area – the space needs to come from somewhere. The beauty of being in Your Next Chapter is that you get to decide whether or not you’re willing too
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