When you work with people every single day who are facing the toughest challenge of their life, fighting cancer, you  start to see life from a different perspective yourself. It can change you in ways that you’d never imagine.

When I was 24 I had a massive tumour growing in my head that needed surgery to remove it. As devastatingly hard this time in my life was for myself and my family, the experience drastically changed my life for the better. I can thank that tumor for leading me to change paths in my life and thats why I left the world of hair and beauty and now do what I do today.

This experience changed me in every possibly way and this is why I asked my sister inlaw who works with cancer patients every single , if what she experiences every day at work has changed her in any way and this was her answer. Watch this weeky tiny tip of the week Video to find out.


These 3 tips are so very simple but can be very rewarding if you do them long term.
Why not start today

Enjoy xx