You are exactly as you need to be right now!

The universe doesn’t make mistakes! (but I know you like to think it does, I know your mind will wrestle with this)!
Yes, you can choose to change! If you like.

Thinking someone else should change is saying the universe has got it wrong. Maybe your ego is wrong. Or maybe your perception is imbalanced.

One of my gorgeous coaching clients just said “I liked that in our first consult you said you’re not going to try and change me. Change is your choice”.

Why would I want anyone to change! It’s saying I know better than you about YOU!
Sometimes I can see where you’re creating self suffering, or limiting your expansion into who you really are but I can only invite you in to explore that.


When you’re ready you’ll do it. ONLY when you’re ready you’ll do that!

My aim is to help you to love yourself more! Stop creating stress within your self!
Why make yourself wrong for being a certain way.

Why get rid of part of who you are, part of the beautiful tapestry of life.

Perhaps moving into awareness and acceptance will lead you to gratitude.

Gratitude is the gateway to the heart the gateway to true love and healing on a deeper level. 

Wether you consciously choose to change or not, change is a constant anyways.

Enjoy your evolution


Larissa xx