Are you sick to death of reading inspirational stories about others failures turned into success and keep wondering when the heck your success in coming? You know the ones:

  • Colonel Sanders who visited 1000 places before someone bought his secret herb and spice recipe
  • Abe Lincoln who ran for congress numerous times and failed, had a nervous breakdown, lost his wife and son before being elected as President of the United States.
  • Steve Jobs being fired from his own company, Apple, before being re-hired and becoming a household name
  • Walt Disney being  fired by a newspaper editor for lack of ideas, also going bankrupt several times before he built Disneyland

Ok, so you’ve experienced 1st hand a gazillion failures, the hard luck story, the humble beginnings the friggan near breakdowns the “oh my god, why the hell am I even doing this, I might as well go and work for my local council to work less and earn more, GRRRR” moments!!! Are you about to spit the dummy, throw yourself of the floor and have that tantrum that’s been building up for past few years yelling “shove it up your A#$E universe, the law of attraction sux, your success method is flawed, I might as well stay broke, a little overweight and putting up with my moronic boss who couldn’t organize a root in a brothel?

Is it time, time to get to the bottom of all this, do what you love, help others with your unique talents, create the life you dream of and escape from your current circumstances? Here may be some reasons you are holding yourself back from creating the success you see in your mind.


You know you want it, you’ve set the path, but when the end is near or it’s time to step up and take the plunge to really create the thing you’ve been working on you drop the ball, go back into your old habits or start doubting your own ability to shine. Things start to stagnate or slide backwards and you end up at square one again. There may be many reasons for this including low self worth, you’ve stacked up in your mind more reasons to stay the same then to change, you have subconscious reasons for creating failure or you have one of the 7 fears that hold people back. Don’t worry, us coaches have a way of digging these up and flipping the switch to success. I love it when my clients get this, they start moving forward fearlessly like an unstoppable steam train!


You think you want something, greater wealth, a better body, your dream business. The thing is your values are not aligned with your goals. There are actually other things you perceive more important, spend your time on and make a priority. That’s ok, there’s a simple linking technique where we  discover your values and then link your goals to your highest values. This helps to stop procrastination, hesitation and stagnation.


I couldn’t even tell you the amount of times I chat to people who have an inspiring, amazing idea that they can’t wait to put into action. I see them 6 months later or so and ask how it’s going. They often do the, oh shit, tail between the legs look. I know that look! They then explain to me that when they shared their idea with others they told them it was a bad idea, doubted their ability or poo pooed the whole thing. This could even be your family or closest friends who do this. The thing is, the nay sayers often doubt their own ability to create what they love in life, so they are always going to have a hard time supporting you. They have mediocre jobs they tolerate and limited wealth. Don’t listen to them, listen to your own heart and soul and surround yourself with people who can support your idea, give you constructive feedback and have themselves, created a grander version of themselves.


So you think you are doing what it takes but you spend your time completing low priority tasks, checking your emails, going on facebook, engaging in small talk and meaningless conversation or even spend way too much time in a dolly daydream. Get very clear on what you need to do to make it happen, prioritize your work or day, delegate low priority action and increase your productivity.


Are you playing the blame game? You know the one, coming up with a myriad of external reasons or circumstances why it’s not working out. You suffocate yourself with excuses and dis-empower yourself rendering yourself helpless. Give up on the blame game and take responsibility  for yourself. You are in control of your emotions, thoughts and actions.


Ok, so a massive part of creating what it is you desire is becoming the right condition. Whats that? Creating a mind set, an energetic vessel a way of thinking that attracts to you the opportunities, the right people and the right funds that will propel you toward your goals. Spring clean your mind and sharpen your thoughts to create the success you desire. It’s not going to happen if you don’t change your thinking.


You’ve heard it all before, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. So many people embark on the same journey, going down the same road and expecting to arrive at a different destination. Invest in yourself, get specialized knowledge, talk to someone who has achieved what you are setting out to do or attend a course to hone your skills. In the last 3 years I can tell you that I’ve spent tens on thousands of dollars gaining specialized knowledge, honing my skills and learning from the best. It’s money well spent. At times I even doubted whether I could afford it, but what I have learned and the tools I have gathered are priceless. If it wasn’t for doing this, I’d still be stagnant, treading water in the same place.


Are you focused on what you haven’t done, how it turned out in the past, what a teacher told you 20 years ago, how your mother or father treated you, how you failed in so many areas, how your first girlfriend or boyfriend told you you were hopeless? It’s astonishing to me, just how many people hang onto old hurts and nurse them for years, allowing them to run their present life. The greatest tool I ever leaned and am now trained in to break free from your past burdens is called the The Demartini Method. I teach this method to my clients as it is the most effective transformational tool I’ve come across.


Even the best of us can use a dose of accountability. Personal trainers do it in the area of fitness goals, teachers do it in the area of learning, financial advisers can do it in the area of wealth and Life and Business Coaches can cover any other area of your life. People work harder when they know they have a deadline, an accountability buddy or a mentor. Do you need accountability to keep moving swiftly in the direction of your dreams?


Many people come to me when they are overwhelmed with their to-do list, the stress is building and they get stuck in the middle of it all. It’s hard to see the forest for the trees. This when they start doing low priority items, nothing at or all throw their hands up and admit failure. It doesn’t have to be this way. Stress and overwhelm is a temporary situation and can be worked through to turn it around. Have you experienced this in the past, or experinecing it now? We can turn it around in an instant.


Well if you know me, I love to over deliver, so here is reason number 11 as to why you may be failing and its a biggie. Have you even got a blooming plan mapped out and written down with tangible, achievable action steps leading toward your goal. This is the basic of all basic steps to creating what it is you are planning to achieve. The thing is if your goal is even worth achieving, it ain’t going to easy and its going to be a stretch. A goal is meant to help you grow, educate you and push you outside of your comfort zone. Why the heck do you think most people give up? Yes, they retire their goal to the too hard basket when it gets tough. Create a plan, with action steps and a compelling reason as to why it is so important to achieve it and you have armed yourself with the ammo you need to blast through those barriers standing in your way…..

Failure is a necessary part of success. Failing means you are one step closer to your goal. Many great sporting legends, political leaders, showbiz stars and financiers will tell you of their failures. Correct your failure, tweak your course and the road to success will be in plain sight.

You’ve one life, be the star of the show

Larissa xx