The Not to Do List

Shoving more shizzle into your week, isn’t always the best thing to do. Sometimes plucking some things out is a better way to feel grounded, connected and showing that you care for your health and wellbeing. Going into overwhelm doesn’t serve you or anyone around you.

There is Power in the Pause.

That’s why creating a Not to Do List is a great idea to set boundaries and create time to nurture yourself to health and a life of balance.

In this weeks video the Not to Do list has 2 parts;

  1. To schedule “Nothing” time into your diary
  2. Create a Not to Do list of behaviours, actions or attitudes you know you do that aren’t serving you or empowering your life in any way.

Watch and  Give it a go!

A list of ideas to have on your NOT TO DO LIST INCLUDE;

  • Limit your social media time
  • Avoid comparing yourself to others if it makes you feel bad. It’s better to focus on your own daily or weekly milestones
  • Weighing yourself everyday – Your weight fluctuates daily and can be attributed to water gain, menstrual  cycle (in women),  fluid/food intake, bowel movements etc. Weighing yourself daily has so many variables, once a month may be better or weekly if you need to keep an eye on your weight. Otherwise measurements or how your clothes fit can be a good indication of body size.
  • Stress or worry about things that are totally out of your control.
  • Replay the ‘what if’ scenario. e.g, “what if xyz happened, that would’ve been so bad”. It didn’t happen so stop going there.
  • Fantasize about how you think your life “should” be. This is a sure fire way to feel like you aren’t measuring up. Change the things you can, let go of the things you can’t.
  • Buy take out
  • Beat yourself up other things
  • Rush every where
  • Skip your work outs unless you’re not well
  • Keep putting off that pap smear or mammogram
  • Stop putting everyone else first and start valuing yourself
  • Saying “yes” when you mean “no
  • Finding excuses not to change when that’s what you really want to do
  • Blaming others for your problems
  • Don’t check your phone 1st thing in the morning
  • Feel like you have to answer every one of your emails or phone calls
  • Avoiding asking for help when you need it

The list is endless, and so very personal. Some of these things may resonate with you, and some of them won’t. Take a little look into your life and daily habits and see if you can weed out those things that really aren’t serving you well. xxx

If you enjoyed learning this, then don’t be a stranger. Every week I share one of these bad boys (movies) to help you live more abundantly in mind and body, releasing stress, so you can get on with what you most love in life.

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