Tips and Hints to Create a Healing Journal of Self discovery

Journalling can conjure up images of that zitty brace faced teenager pouring her heart out about her first boy crush and creating super-max security on those words so that if any one reads them, their retina’s will burn out. But….

Journalling is actually a beautiful cathartic way of self expression, organising thoughts and healing emotional wounds.

In todays video, I share a few journalling tips and hints such as:

  1. Don’t worry about spelling or punctuation. Just get down what you need to on paper and you can organise it later.
  2. Remember that you can always rip your pages out, throw them out or burn them if you are worried about others reading them. This process can also be a way of letting go and diffusing the grip these emotions had on you.
  3. If you need to swear to express your feelings, go for it sister, or brother. Just get that swizzle out of your system. I had a good old swear journalling session one day and afterwards I felt light and free and back to fresh old me. It was amazing!
  4. You can use your journal for collecting beautiful thoughts or creating poems
  5. Create a list of your 10 greatest successes this year
  6. Create a list of your 10 greatest perceived failures and write 10 things you learned from each one.
  7. Create a gratitude journal writing down everyday what you are grateful for.

Other Journalling Ideas;

  • Write down special qualities in every pet you’ve owned
  • What do you love most about yourself
  • What is it about nature that is special
  • You can do some automatic writing. This is where you place pen to paper, tune into your intuition and write what ever comes up.
  • Ask yourself a question and start writing out all possible answers, like you’re the brainstorming wizard of the world.
  • You could write down all the things you’d love to say thank you to your parents for, and perhaps even give it to them.
  • Jot down all the playful, joyful memories from your own childhood and share them with your children or see if your brother and sisters remember those times too

The list is endless.

Watch and  Give it a go!

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