What is Mindfulness?

 An Easy Mindfulness Exercise

Mindfulness is all about, quite simply learning to be in the present moment.

It’s about washing away all the mind chitter chatter, useless bulls&%t and worrisome thoughts and quite frankly learning to BE in the moment, yet also learning to honour the moment as it is right now.

That might include simply sitting with your feelings without labelling them good or bad and letting the surge of energy from the pit of your belly rise up, and without backing down (or reaching for the chocolate cupboard), feeling them with full force. If they get way too uncomfortable to feel then try this technique here (or even click here), which is all about still letting them come up but in a way that’s not overwhelming. As they say better out than in. You don’t want to experience emotional constipation. That’s where you shove every scerick of emotion you feel back down into the pit of your being, until you become either a nervous breakdown waiting to happen or as numb as a potato.

For me I see practicing mindfulness each day as a simple stop on the path to take in the scenery of the day or even life. Your life is a string of moments woven together to make the tapestry that is you. Practicing mindfulness is  sn opportunity to connect to yourself and to your life as it is right now.

Smell, feel, listen, sense, connect, nourish and perhaps even relax into it. Sometimes when we’re about to lose what we have, only then we learn to appreciate it. There’s a beautiful sacred art in learning to appreciate and be grateful what you have right now in your life. Right in this moment. Quieting down the thoughts that are old and worn out, quieting the thoughts that create scenes in your mind that haven’t even happened yet and just BE HERE NOW! For a moment or two.

Enjoy this weeks Video, that I dedicated to my Sister Mel and my Nephew Liam. A few weeks ago he had life saving surgery when he was only 5 weeks old. Practicing Mindfulness was such a great gift to me during that time as it was really easy for the mind to go crazy with thoughts “what if we lost him”, “what if he’s not really better”, “what if, what if what the F if….” and you know where that kind of thinking gets you. Yep, down all sorts of undignified rabbit holes.

Watch and  Give it a go!

If you enjoyed learning this, then don’t be a stranger. Every week I share one of these bad boys (movies) to help you live more abundantly in mind and body, releasing stress, so you can get on with what you most love in life.

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