Bears get to get down and cosy for a nice snuggly rest during the Winter months, but what about you?

Life keeps on keeping on, and sometimes there’s no missing a beat.

Years ago I used to burn the candle at both ends, only to get flu after flu, cold after cold! If you don’t rest and restore during Winter life will strike you down with it’s take out manoeuvre. Been there done that!

So how to stay productive and moving forward with your goals during the Winter Months. Here’s some real schnazzy tips that if you do, will thank me for them.

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1) Start the day off with a fresh steamy hot water and fresh off the tree (or organic store) lemon. Add a smidge of Aussie honey bought from your local bee keeper if you need to add sweetness.

This is an oldie but a goodie. There are so many great benefits to starting the day off like this. The Lemon is packed full of vitamin C, great for the immune system in Winter. It aids in digestion and helps stimulate the liver allowing your body to go through it’s normal detox process. It’s like a warm hug in the morning. The first few mornings it can be a little eewww, but then you’ll start to crave it (maybe). That’s what happened to me.

2) Keep exercising, even if you lower the intensity. Yoga is great!

Your body in designed to move move move. Winter is a time to slow the pace a little, but don’t give it away. Try some yoga at your local studio or gym. There are many great styles from active forms to restorative or yin yoga which are more relaxing and passive. Keep that beautiful gift called your body moving and nourished.

3) Start a meditation practice or if you already meditate be sure to enjoy it daily.

Winter is a time to bunker down a little and restore equilibrium to your mind and body. Meditation is a great way to reduce stress and guide your body into healing mode. There are many great teachers out there if you need to join a group or if you’d like to start slowly pop back to our website and download our 3 Free mini meditations.

4) Eat lighter simple meals and eat your dinner a little earlier say even 5:30pm – 6pm

Many of us do the opposite in winter. We load up on the carbs and enjoy those super second helpings. Instead, eat a lighter main meal earlier on in the evening so your body can go into restoration and renewal when you sleep, rather than trying to digest a carb loaded meal. You’ll awaken feeling more refreshed and in the zone.

5) Hit the sack a little earlier

If you’re not Aussie, just to explain, sack means go to bed. I’m either teaching or coaching with clients most evenings and usually don’t finish until 9:30. In Summer I can stay up to 11pm, but we need a little more rest in Winter, so instead of scrolling facebook or staring into no mans land, I’ve been going straight to the shower and in to bed. Give it a try. It’s so nice to snuggle down early.

6) If you feel tired, or run down, REST!

No one is going to give you a medal for “soldering on”! If you’re feeling a little tired or run down, start work late, or finish early, or take the day off. The best thing you can do for a tired body is to rest. Coffee will make it worse, cold tablets can prolong your illness, simply practice the art of self care and rest!

7) Start goal setting and planning. Plant the seed and watch it bloom in Spring.

Winter is a great time to start visualising new beginnings and planning. Spring is a great time to watch the fruits of your labour grow. So start writing, and planning for a great Spring. Reserve your energy in Winter and go out there and shine in Spring.

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Winter Wellness

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