How to Actually Accept a Compliment

How many times have you been told to “SHUT UP” after thinking you’ve performed that kind saintly act of giving someone a compliment. Give someone a compliment these days and what do you get back? Profanities!!!! So I made a video about how to accept a compliment.

So many people are scared shirtless of being the receiver of negative feedback, but those same people also find it hard to actually accept a compliment. So here in itself, you have the inner turmoil of the human mind.

“I don’t want to hear anything bad about myself ” BUT “I don’t want to hear anything good about myself either”.

Firstly it’s a good idea to acknowledge the courage it took to give you that compliment. You don’t want to go throwing that back into that persons face, except maybe if they’ve congratulated you on how glowing you look in your pregnancy and you’re not actually pregnant.

Accept that compliment like someone was giving you a winning lottery ticket. Would you say “no, go away, I don’t want it”, Um, I know I wouldn’t. A compliment is like a gift, accept it gracefully and gratefully. A simple smile and a thank you usually suffices.

Watch and  Give it a go!

Try it!

Practice creates progress and the first time is always the hardest. Set your intention right this milli second that next time you receive a compliment you will smile (even if its through gritted teeth),  and say thank you or what ever comes most naturally to you besides “no way”, “oh shut up”, “get real”, “are your eyes painted on”.

In time it will feel more natural and you might even realise you are more awesome than you thought you were.  xx

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