Is it Gut Feeling or Brain Noise? Intuition or Infatuation?

As if life isn’t confusing enough without having to navigate the intricate workings of Gut feeling or Intuition VS Brain noise or shiny object syndrome (otherwise known as infatuation).

Many people refer to gut feelng or intuition as the whispers of the soul, but that’s the thing, it whispers not roars. The mind or brain gets tumbleweeded into many directions and that thing is loud, very loud at times.

Meditation is a great way to tame the loud roar of the monkey mind and tune into your intuition, but what if you don’t meditate or are a beginner? There’s still a great way you can navigate through this battle field.

Watch this weeks video or read on below.

Try it!

Ok here’ s the recap, and a downloadable worksheet: Click here and enjoy!

  1. Write down what it is you feel intuitively drawn to do. Either just do it, or if you’re not quite sure if it’s intuition or just sounds exciting go to step 2.
  2. Write down all the draw backs or negatives you can think of about that thing.  If you awaken to the downsides and are like “No way” I’m not doing that, then maybe it was a little infatuation or shiny object syndrome, but if you still have that inner knowing, that sweet little whisper coming from within then it could very well be your intuition calling.

Here’s an example of how I used this exercise:

The thing: I felt I was drawn to go to Canada and complete part of my Yoga training at a particular school.

The drawbacks: A huge Time and Financial commitment. Time away from my business so loss of income. Time away from my family. Being away from my pets. Perhaps I may lose clients because I’m away for so long. Travelling on my own. If I did it in Canada and not Australia were their any professional  insurance differences. Having loss of income may mean I couldn’t have time off over Christmas. I actually had to cut a holiday easier in the year short to ensure I had additional income for the trip (and that really sucked, because everyone was still their when I left). If I wanted to do additional training with the same company, that would mean I’d have to go back over there and all the drawbacks would start again i.e., cost, flights, time off etc. The list went on, but do you get the drift. After completing this I wasn’t as excited, but I still felt it was the right thing to do for me, so I went and it was perfect, not easy, but certainly meant to be.

Special Note: If you’re definitely listening to your intuition and you know it’s something you’d love to do or need to do but are a little scared (doesn’t sound exciting more crapping your pants kind of feeling like starting a new business etc) and are making it into a negative thing, then the reverse exercise will work. Which is; Write down all the benefits until you can see an equal amount of benefits and drawbacks. At that moment your mind will be balanced and equilibrated, which will settle down the brain noise, which is the best place for your intuition to be heard or felt.

Enjoy xx Larissa

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