Are you looking for your life purpose?  Read this post and by the end you will know your purpose.
Lately I’ve seen “You need to find your Purpose” popping up on many advertising banners and it appears to be a popular marketing lure. I have coaching clients calling me up frantic, because they “NEED TO KNOW THEIR PURPOSE”!!


So many people are looking under rocks, in books, asking other people, peaking behind their hearts, searching the interspaces of their brains, for that thing!! That one damn thing that will give their life meaning!! Their purpose!!!


It’s seems as though if you don’t know what that one thing is, that one thing that is your purpose then you’re not worthy of existing, or so many of these ad’s would like us to think.  This is so far from truth that it actually angers me a little (enough to write a blog post about it).


The thing is that your actual existence IS your purpose. That flesh and blood meat suite you wake up in everyday is your purpose!!


What you choose to do with your days and your time, set goals toward is simply an expression of your purpose. An expression of you, an expression of purpose, but not THE purpose. 


It’s paramount that you don’t get the two mixed up!


So many people make the mistake of thinking what they do for their job or in their business is their purpose. Such a modernised westernised way of thinking. Perhaps a marketing ploy or maybe we’ve learnt not to value ourselves unless we feel like we’re living up to a particular standard. Purpose is found everywhere…..


The Beingness of You is Pure Purpose. 


There’s pure purpose in everything you do, regardless of wether you’re a world leader, the next Mother Teresa, the reincarnation of Hitler, the local graffiti remover,  a multi million dollar business owner or a no profit business owner.


Washing the dishes is your purpose, smiling is your purpose, getting angry is your purpose, feeling sad is your purpose, finding a lover is your purpose, getting constipated is your purpose, helping others is your purpose, helping yourself is your purpose, being selfish is your purpose, playing sport is your purpose, laying on the couch resting is your purpose, being a leader is your purpose, being a follower is your purpose, shopping is your purpose, having a garden is your purpose, watching movies is your purpose, cleaning toilets is your purpose, being in emergency services is your purpose, answering phones is your purpose, your success is your purpose, you obliterating failures are your purpose, the list goes on. Everything you do is of service and value to one or many people and it’s all purposeful.


There is nothing that is not an expression of your purpose.


It’s all purposeful and are expressions of your purpose. Do not think you are not worthy of love unless you have found  that one single thing called your purpose!! Don’t be buying into the thinking that there’s one and only thing  that lets you feel good about yourself and your existence, that makes your life have a point, because It ALL does!! Do not let others tell you you need to find your purpose. It’s not lost.


Go on, go look in a mirror and smile. You’ll be looking right at your purpose. It’s not lost, you’ve never not had it, you don’t need to find it, you are it!!


It’s time to drop the illusion that you don’t have purpose or you need to find it. What you may be looking for is a new expression of your purpose, that is all.


You are free to re-invent your expression of purpose anytime anywhere, but purpose my friend you are, right now. Your life has purpose, you are purpose and you are loved the way you, right now. Go live and drop the illusion that there’s some or one specific thing you HAVE to be or do to “FIND YOUR PUPOSE”, you’ve been living your purpose your whole life.

From my heart to yours

Larissa xx