This week our weekly video includes a short exercise to give you that extra energy to motivate you towards your goals.
I also talk about the difference between Inspiration and Motivation and give you an example of how I:
1) Acted on Inspiration
2) Then had to motivate myself by using the exercise I share with you and apply it to the end part of my Inspired action to bring my Inspired Idea into the world.

I did this so you could see that both Inspiration AND Motivation are important pieces of the puzzle that brings your goals and visions to fruition.


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Here’s a quick recap for you:

Inspiration is Intrinsic. It’s a feeling, a calling from within. It’s a driving force. The word “inspiration” comes from the late Latin word “inspirare” which means “inspirit” or “divine guidance”.

Motivation is extrinsic. The key to being motivated is to have a “motive”.

Inspiration and Motivation can work hand in hand.

Our minds are an intricate storehouse of information and according to Michael Merzenich from the book The Brain that Changes Itself, practicing a new habit under the right conditions, can change hundreds of millions and possibly billions of the connections between the nerve cells in our neural pathways. 

The human brain is made up of an estimated 100 billion neurons making a total of 100 trillion neural connections.

The summation of all the brains information creates a set of priorities and actions that are expressed through both thought and physical action. The direction of these thoughts and actions manifest our physical reality. Forming thoughts in your mind will impress upon the formless substance creating the things you think about to be created. 

Through specific rewiring of our neural pathways we can consciously create whatever we would most love. 

We create a new blueprint for our life. 

Linking exercise mentioned in the video to rewire your brain:

  1. Get clear about what specific actions you’d like to motivate yourself to do
  2. Get clear about how you’re currently filling your time and what’s most important to you
  3. Link the two: Think of  50 – 100 ways your actions (that will lead you to your goals that you need motivation for), will benefit what is most important to you.

For example: I need to motivate myself to go walking everyday

I currently spend this time working on my business

Process: How will going walking everyday benefit my business?

Here goes: It will help me think clearer, it will help integrate left and right hemispheres of the brain so I will get more inspired ideas, I get the time and space to really think without any other distractions, I can practice mindfulness, I am setting an example, It can lower stress levels, lowering stress will help me be more present with my clients which will allow me to be a better listener and really tune into their what they mean rather than what they are saying, I can connect with nature which helps me feel grounded, feeling grounded allows me to notice what’s going on in my body and if I need more rest or boost my nutrition which allows for increased immunity so I will get sick less and be available more etc etc

Can you see how now expanding this one action and linking it to something that in my perception is higher on my list of priorities,  allows my brain to create new neural pathways into noticing and bringing into my awareness the immense benefits associated to me beyond the obvious of  losing weight.

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Larissa xx