Welcome to the Everyday Inspiration Podcast. Bringing you meaningful meditations and musings helping you to discover your true hearts calling and to move forward to create a freshly found sense of freedom in your life.

The meditations and stories shared in this podcast aim to open the doors to a limitless life of connection to yourself and all the colourful aspects of life and bring understanding, respect and love for the most important person is this world. You! Live with illumination and raise your consciousness! Heal your mind and body and awaken your true potential.

This weeks podcast is an introspective meditation to acknowledge the challenges in your life that awakened you to your own freedom, heart and soul.
A source of guiding light on your journey to share your inner light, your song with the world whilst being true to yourself.

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Enjoy your own ad free and intro free copy, connect to the words and their meaning to bring personal growth to your life.

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From my heart to yours

Larissa xx