Why being emotionally strong is over rated!!!!! Emotionally honest would be a much better solution to many people’s problems (including being a chronic stresser or worrier, an emotional eater and even reducing feelings of overwhelm).
Have you ever been praised for being “so strong”? It’s although being strong has been glorified in society.

The child listening to its parent “don’t cry darling, you’re alright” learns to disassociate from their feelings

Bury them deep down! Don’t express your feelings because you’re being a sook, don’t write on social media you’re upset because then you’re an attention seeker, don’t break down in front of people because it makes THEM uncomfortable.

When working in management in the fitness industry I had many staff members crying in my office.

Besides “do you have a tissue”, the next thing they say is “I’m so sorry”!

For what? I say
“Crying Larissa, sorry”!
I explain
“Do you apologise to me when you laugh around me”?

I usually get a funny look (and funnily enough the crying stops)!
“Well why do you think you have to apologise for expressing an emotion!

My work as being me (the strong one), my work working with hundreds of people as a Kinesiologist, Coach and yoga teacher has brought me to the conclusion that we need to take strong off the pedestal

Being Strong quite often means:
– Disassociating and/or burying ones feelings
– internalising emotion and then behind closed doors suffer in silence
– feeling shame for not being able to “be positive”
– not wanting to burden others with your “stuff”
– I should be able to deal with this myself

Beautiful ones:
You don’t have to “Be Strong” all of the time
Learn to feel and process
Share your truth, share your story
Release the shame
Ask for help
Reach out to your loved ones (if it’s safe for you to do so)

You don’t have to bare the burden of being strong any more

Express all the colours that emotion life has to offer.

In this main picture I went hiking in Canada. I was working at a health retreat and it was a warm Winter

The snow had started to melt and the track was slippery. But I still went on the journey alone (as usual)

Right after I got another hiker to take this picture I slipped on the green moss and started to slide down the edge towards the water

He looked back, reached out his hand and pulled me up

If you start to slip emotionally, someone will be there to help.


Perhaps even if you’re honest to yourself about your feelings you’ll be able to help yourself before you slide too far down.


I have built my very business around this, teaching people to feel is to teach them to heal. 


Larissa xx