What’s going on behind your smile?
Maybe you even know what it’s hiding.
Maybe you don’t even consciously know about unhealed emotions that have been locked in your subconscious

Your conscious mind may have forgotten but your subconscious mind and body are continually trying to reveal this to you, awakening you to heal

Perhaps they are past hurts that haven’t healed, resentments that are bubbling away

They are the silent driver of your actions and your emotions

These things often come up when I’m doing a Kinesiology Balance with my clients. They say “oh god, I’d totally forgotten about that”
“I’ve done work around that and thought I was done”

You deserve to be free

These things are polluting the clear water of your life, tipping you off centre

They could be causing tension on your muscles, headaches, teeth grinding havoc with your hormones…

I choose healing, I choose to do the work, I choose to take the path to awaken the spiritual self, I choose to be free.


Do you?


Larissa xx