Learning to say No can save you time, your sanity and even give you back your life and sense of purpose?

This podcast and video has a little swearing in it, also my philosophy on swear words.

We all have those times when we say yes to things through gritted teeth, while our brains are screaming “SAY NO, SAY NO NOW” ! I’ve been there. Pick and choose your teeth gritting moments.

The Bogan Philosophy of Learning to Say No?

Here’s the Podcast Audio if you’d Rather Listen

No Means No!! I’d always wanted to say that and it turns I got to say it once, when I dumped a narcissistic ex boyfriend and he was crying on the drive way begging for me to take him back. NO MEAN NO!! So, exhilarating, I felt drunk on saying No! 

Here’s the low down on learning to say NO

  1. Know that when you say yes, but really mean no you’re lying on so many levels. You’re lying to yourself and you’re lying to the person you’re saying yes to. If you can live with that, that’s cool, it’s your life. Sometimes we just do it to keep the peace, but more about that in point number 2.
  2. The law of the lesser pissers. Every decision you make you piss someone off and that may be yourself. If you try and avoid conflict and say yes to others you piss yourself off and gain internal conflict (see you never get rid of conflict). If you say no to others you may piss them off but you feel fine. You need to choose and you’ll do that by weighing up which answer is the easiest, which answer give you more benefit over drawback.
  3. The last point I share today is remember that you always have a choice. When you hear yourself saying “but I had no choice”, well you actually did have a choice and you chose. Own your yes’s, even if you wanted to say no because you chose to say yes, and own your no’s.  Remember, if you get No drunk and throw around a bunch of No’s all of the time you may piss a bunch of people off and that cool if you’re cool with that. BUT!! You’ll end up pleasing no one if you say yes to be liked or to be a pleaser. You’ll end up hating on yourself.

A little food for thought today on the art of saying NO.

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From my heart to yours

Larissa xx