I hear it all too often in my Coaching Practice “Larissa I want to be Successful”?

Ok, I totally get it but did you know that you are already successful in your life? And if you think not,  well you’re a little delusional.

If you think thats harsh then I looked up the meaning of delusional for you: Delusional: “Something that is falsely or delusively believed”. See; delusional, because you ARE a success and in todays episode I am going to help you identify where your success is.

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You are an absolute success in the area of your life that you have been spending time and energy on

Have a little poke around in your life and see if you identify your area of success is. Here’s a few places to look:

  1. Family Connections and Relationships. Is it important to you to spend quality time with your kids, put them first or your partner or other family?
  2. Social connections. Do you spend time nurturing relationships with friends, work colleagues or bringing other people together?
  3. Career Success. Do you focus on bettering yourself and climbing the ladder in your career?
  4. Creativity. Do you spend time being creative and creating wonderful things? For example, cooking, art, video’s, writing, knitting etc
  5. Financial. Do you focus on earning money and investing and setting yourself or your family up for a better life or future?
  6. Emotionally and Spiritually. Do you spend working on yourself and your level of connection with yourself and the world around you?
  7. Mentally. Do you love learning and developing your intellect? Do you know a lot of stuff?
  8. Physically. Do you spend time working on your physical appearance and your body?
  9. Home and Household. Do you spend time and energy creating a beautiful interior and decor, cultivating your garden?
  10. You volunteer to hep others or  give money and time to help people less fortunate.

The list could go on.

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I’ll see you next week

From my heart to yours