Podcast episode 41: 2021 Reflection and Release Ritual


Most of us have totally lost it!! We spend more time looking at other peoples lives, problems, behaviours (through social media and observation), then spending that time and energy on understanding ourselves. Now that's a thought,  use that energy to improve our own lives or get to know our own selves. An inward [...]

Podcast episode 41: 2021 Reflection and Release Ritual2021-12-31T03:23:31+00:00

Calm Mind Deep Sleep Guided Relaxation


It's finally bed time and you're excited to let your head sink into the pillow for a well deserved deep slumber!!!! BUT...... As soon as you close your eyes, thoughts start swarming around like shoppers at a boxing day sale. Great!! This weeks podcast is dedicated to you. The busy one who needs [...]

Calm Mind Deep Sleep Guided Relaxation2021-09-16T05:45:51+00:00

Leave Work Stress at Work for More Life Balance


In the past I could've been the poster child of work stress. I thought in order to get anywhere I had to be seen to be going all in, putting in 150% effort at work and also at home. I realised I was like a firecracker. I would create a spectacular result but [...]

Leave Work Stress at Work for More Life Balance2021-02-22T01:06:41+00:00

The Big Huge Problem of Following your Intuition


It's too good to be true! "Follow your intuition", they say and all will be well. You feel it? That teeny nudging in your heart or that littlest whisper echoing around your head telling you which direction to turn or which bridge to leap off. Not really, it's never going to tell you [...]

The Big Huge Problem of Following your Intuition2020-06-18T06:40:29+00:00

Free yourself from Fearful Frequencies


The corona virus, mental virus of panic and fear has spread across the world quicker than the news that Donald Trump dropped the "f" bomb this week in an interview. This weekends wisdom and wind down is all about understanding fear and releasing and protecting yourself from the fearful frequencies permeating the energy that [...]

Free yourself from Fearful Frequencies2021-01-15T08:01:54+00:00

Know your Worth Meditation Practice


Stop all this gutter talk towards yourself  and Reconnect to how truly powerful you are. Todays weekly weekend wisdom and wind down practice will have you is all about owning your worth. When you own your worth you think clearer, you can just get on with creating what ever's in your heart and really [...]

Know your Worth Meditation Practice2021-01-15T08:05:56+00:00

Monday Motivation: Why your Past Does Not Equal your Future


So many of us base the extent of our dreams and expanse of our vision from the results of our past! Oh, just flush that theory down the dunny (for all you non Aussie readers, that's the toilet).Today's video is all about changing our thinking from limitation to expansiveness. Enjoy xx   YOUR [...]

Monday Motivation: Why your Past Does Not Equal your Future2020-01-28T03:15:19+00:00

New Video Series: Weekend Wisdom and Wind Down


Welcome to my New weekend Video Series: Weekend Wisdom and Wind Down. Each weekend I will share with you a nourishing Mind Body Technique you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home, to de-stress from your week, reconnect to yourself and relationships with others and your Mind, Body Heart and Soul. Why? [...]

New Video Series: Weekend Wisdom and Wind Down2020-01-25T22:50:52+00:00

Podcast: The Current of Self Love Savasana


  This weeks podcast is about opening your heart to the Self love that will allow you to experience life fully and deeply. Release yourself from the words and thoughts that hold you back from being who you know you really are and making those important decisions to move forward towards your goals [...]

Podcast: The Current of Self Love Savasana2021-01-15T08:32:47+00:00

Why Being Emotionally STRONG is Over Rated


Why being emotionally strong is over rated!!!!! Emotionally honest would be a much better solution to many people’s problems (including being a chronic stresser or worrier, an emotional eater and even reducing feelings of overwhelm). Have you ever been praised for being “so strong”? It’s although being strong has been glorified in society. [...]

Why Being Emotionally STRONG is Over Rated2018-08-18T02:44:29+00:00

What’s going on behind your smile


What’s going on behind your smile? Maybe you even know what it’s hiding. Maybe you don’t even consciously know about unhealed emotions that have been locked in your subconscious Your conscious mind may have forgotten but your subconscious mind and body are continually trying to reveal this to you, awakening you to heal [...]

What’s going on behind your smile2019-09-18T08:17:57+00:00

Gain Perspective to solve your Problems


Sometimes to gain another perspective you just need to look at things in a different way. There are 7 billion realities in this world as we each have our own very unique view of the world. Everyone wears their own set of glasses in which they view the world. Depending on the colour [...]

Gain Perspective to solve your Problems2018-08-18T02:27:38+00:00

You are Exactly as you Need to be Right now! Really You are


You are exactly as you need to be right now! The universe doesn’t make mistakes! (but I know you like to think it does, I know your mind will wrestle with this)! Yes, you can choose to change! If you like. Thinking someone else should change is saying the universe has got it [...]

You are Exactly as you Need to be Right now! Really You are2018-08-18T02:36:27+00:00

Stillness is the New Black


When someone asked you "how's life", do you answer with either "busy" or "stressed"? Between soldiering on, going hard or going home and "making sweat your best accessory' (yes I got this from a fitness blog), valuing time to stop, reflect, contemplate and connect has fallen by the wayside in todays frantic society. Relaxing [...]

Stillness is the New Black2019-03-13T06:58:48+00:00

Podcast: Self Support for Success


Why are you so hard on yourself? Lets face it, YOU'RE the one usually MOST hardest on yourself. Why?  Self Support is one of your greatest cheerleaders in creating the life, business, or feelings of fulfilment you crave . One of my amazing coaching clients has an abundantly popular podcast show. Each month I [...]

Podcast: Self Support for Success2019-02-25T07:08:18+00:00

Podcast: Are your Goals Right for You


Angela Raspass is an extraordinary woman with an even more extraordinary story. She works with female entrepreneurs with a unique blend of marketing and mindset support to help women in their 40’s and beyond flourish in a “Your Next Chapter”® business. I've been working with Angela as her Mindset Coach for many years now and [...]

Podcast: Are your Goals Right for You2017-03-09T00:56:30+00:00

Gut Feeling or Brain Noise? How to Tell the Difference!


Is it Gut Feeling or Brain Noise? Intuition or Infatuation? As if life isn't confusing enough without having to navigate the intricate workings of Gut feeling or Intuition VS Brain noise or shiny object syndrome (otherwise known as infatuation). Many people refer to gut feelng or intuition as the whispers of the soul, but [...]

Gut Feeling or Brain Noise? How to Tell the Difference!2017-01-27T03:40:49+00:00

What is Mindfulness – Here’s an Easy Exercise to do


What is Mindfulness?  An Easy Mindfulness Exercise Mindfulness is all about, quite simply learning to be in the present moment. It's about washing away all the mind chitter chatter, useless bulls&%t and worrisome thoughts and quite frankly learning to BE in the moment, yet also learning to honour the moment as it is right [...]

What is Mindfulness – Here’s an Easy Exercise to do2017-01-27T03:40:49+00:00
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